Wedding Stories

This is a collection of wedding stories from Universal Life Church ministers who have performed them. Hopefully, you'll find some things to make you laugh and some tips to help you in your own wedding business.

Friday, June 25, 2010

Wedding Stories

Little Wedding Things
By Rev. Nila @ VIP Weddings
Wedding Stories

Dear Amy,

I've been involved in weddings for 35 years as a floral designer, bridal gowns and tuxes, wedding chapel and receptions in central Minnesota. I have enjoyed providing a one stop wedding shop for those couples who would like something and can't find it. In addition to weddings in an outdoor ceremony, I have experiences with them in a hot air balloon, our horse drawn carriage and other lakeside ceremonies.

The well known unity candle lighting does well indoors but not so well on a windy day outside. We set up candlight wedding aisles in churches and halls and torches in the aisles for outdoor weddings but the actual ceremony presented some problems. I now have a sand ceremony that works nicely and provides a lasting rememberance of the wedding. Provide a table waist height or a little higher so guests can see. Make up your own words about the two becoming one---or the sands of time together etc.

The 3"x12" glass cylinder is engraved around the top edge with "Our Wedding Day" and the couples names and date.(I have these here if you need a source).

On the right side is a container with - let's say blue sand that the groom pours half into the bottom of the cylinder. On the left side is a container with - let's say pink sand that the bride then pours half into the container on top of the blue sand. Then together they pour the top third full of sand creating a pretty lavender design with areas of blue and pink. The sands are joined together forever. Later melted wax is poured on top of the lavender sand and a votive candle is placed in the middle. This seals in the sand and the candle is easily replaced. It's nice for a couple to burn on an anniversary or any day. It would be a real keepsake for their bedroom.


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