Wedding Stories

This is a collection of wedding stories from Universal Life Church ministers who have performed them. Hopefully, you'll find some things to make you laugh and some tips to help you in your own wedding business.

Thursday, June 10, 2010

Wedding Stories

By Rev. Adam Rocke

Nothing unusual at all. It was frantically put together, but came off without any hitch so to speak, at all, and was so much fun to preside at.

I can see why you do such and got the feeling when using the guide that you meant for it to be joyous and serious all in one. I made it truly non denominational, which is what the couple asked for. I mentioned the Great Spirit when reciting the Cherokee poem and it was an outside setting in a beautiful garden at the Bride's mother's home.

I actually got several requests to do others and many compliments, which for me is hard to accept. I attribute that to your excellent guide and I designed the ceremony using your hints and help. You should actually receive the credit as the guide was so invaluable and it provided me great confidence. And, I tried a little fun and humor and just serious enough. One young lady told me after, just about the time she was going to cry, I did something fun and it made the whole ceremony perfect. I really felt very special to be of such service and share faith. As I indicated, I used the Cherokee poem at the end and it was so well received by everyone in attendance.

I can honestly attest to the fact that the information you have provided is exactly what is appropriate and the bride, groom and their families and guests all commented as to how well it went and came across. THANK YOU!
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