Wedding Stories

This is a collection of wedding stories from Universal Life Church ministers who have performed them. Hopefully, you'll find some things to make you laugh and some tips to help you in your own wedding business.

Monday, October 31, 2011

Pagan Online Ceremonies by Rev. Barrick

Pagan Online Ceremonies

Lee Barrick

We are gathered here to today to honor (Name, person or animal).

Let us remember (Name) whole life from his/her very beginning of life, until the present. Look back on all the great memories, accomplishments and the love that they possessed and gave to others, remember him/her fondly. Also as we look upon their failings, forgiving them and understanding we are a product of Nature and the Universe. We are not always perfect, but we learn from our mistakes and become a better being.

Always think of the positive side of one/'s Life. Everyone wishes to have done things differently in life. However, we are what nature has bestowed upon us. We are a complicated, complex random joining of atoms, particles, cells and elements of the Universe. Everyone is totally different from everyone else. We react differently to different situations. This is what life is all about, our reaction to what Nature randomly puts before our ever changing selves and us.

The Universe And Nature does not guide us, or judge us, or test us, or predetermine our lives. We are free to use our knowledge and intelligence to make choices that will lead us to be a positive influence on society, Nature and the Universe. Our contributions and failings are of our own creation. We can blame no other.

Nature is not perfect but is constantly continuing to change, to improve and update. We are part of this natural updating. We are part of Nature and the whole Universe. We are part of everything that ever was, that is and that will ever be.

We are made up of all the elements in Universe and will return to Nature and the Universe, to be recycled throughout eternity. Not necessarily as we were but as a greater part of the whole.
We all share the grief of losing a loved one. We will miss them, we will remember them, and we will ask why they are no longer with us. All living things from the smallest cells to the largest trees have only a brief life span compared to our Universe. We must remember that in nature our body returns to the basic elements from which we are made.
Our energy or essence never dies. Energy goes on forever mixing with the new and becoming part of all eternity. Envision being part of all the future. We may experience different aspects of the Universe until again we are recycled by Nature through new experiences.

Our loved one is not gone but is being renewing within the whole Universe. Every breath of air we breathe, every beautiful day we awake to, every starlight night, the rain and snow, the breeze on our face is part of our loved ones who have returned to our God The Universe.

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Saturday, October 8, 2011

Prayer and Blessing by Rev. Vera

 Prayer for a Blessing
 By Rev., Rabbi, Dr.Jesse Vera Phd
Dearest and Beloved G-d of Moses, Abraham, Eliza, Joshua and David-
As I call unto you, Please hear the prayers of a penetant man.

Dearest G-d bless all manatu for animals, plants, rocks, water, fire, and our beloved mother earth.  Bless all of those whom we call friends that are pure of heart, if they are in need of help, grant them guidance with your Hochmah,( Wisdom ).

Please Bless all who have ascended before us Let them know as we light a candle that this light is to help them receive our energy in our constant thoughts.  And Dearest G-d, Please bless all of your children, no matter which tribe they may have started from or where they are today, they, we, are all YOUR CHILDREN.  In the name of the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit grant us all the Green Light.


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