Wedding Stories

This is a collection of wedding stories from Universal Life Church ministers who have performed them. Hopefully, you'll find some things to make you laugh and some tips to help you in your own wedding business.

Saturday, November 20, 2010

Wedding Stories

The Bride and the Wine

My wedding party is in the limo on the way from the church to the reception. We had champagne but someone wanted wine so we stopped at a state store on the way. They pick up some red wine and on the hour plus ride, one of my bridesmaids got totally trashed and spills the wine all down her front. Ok, no big deal. The dress was dark and it probably won’t show in pictures. 

Then, she proceeds to try to fling the wine off of herself with her hand and shake out her dress in the limo. Not ok, I was wearing a white dress, hello?!! I freak out and drop a string of curses that would make a truck driver blush. Bridezilla! In the end, the shower of red wine miraculously missed my dress and my ranting was all for naught.

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