Wedding Stories

This is a collection of wedding stories from Universal Life Church ministers who have performed them. Hopefully, you'll find some things to make you laugh and some tips to help you in your own wedding business.

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Wedding Stories

A Wedding that Changed My Life
Wedding Story from ULC
By Rev. Jane

Dear Amy,
I wanted to write and tell my story....I was Ordained a few years ago through ULC...because the Lord was leading me in that direction at the time.....I actually had 2 visions about it....I really don't tell people about these visions because I never acted on them....because I was just plain scared to death. The first vision was...that I saw looking up at myself preaching from the a pulpit....when I awoke ....I just laughed...and thought it was a crazy dream...because in college it took me 21 minutes to do a 8 minute thought to myself yeah right God...I just KNOW your NOT picking me for that JOB!!!! I never gave it another thought. And the second vision broke me into tears with fear...because of public anything let alone speaking....and the vision was this: that I was standing in the pulpit...dress in robe and stole....SPEAKING AND PREACHING TO THOUSANDS OF PEOPLE....when I think of those visions I begin to

That is just a little background on me...I wanted to tell you that my nephew found out that I am an Ordained Minister w/ULC and called and ask me to do his wedding because they really couldn't afford a big beautiful wedding and that he didn't wanted them to have to go to the courthouse to get I agreed to do it....then....the fear set in once again...I spent hours on hours preparing for this ever so small wedding..about 25 people....and completely driving myself crazy....then....the morning of the wedding I had some quiet time in which I like to spend with the Lord and I heard something say............pop in the disc that goes along with your book...because I never actually thought anyone would ask me to do their wedding.......and I did...I watched the video on how to do the wedding.....and when I was done watching I felt a HUGE relief come over I was carrying a million brick kinda feeling......I thought wow...its really not that hard....and I was so very honored when I got to the wedding....but still a bit nervous ....because I didn't wanna bumble my first service.....when it was time for the service EVERYBODY was nervous not just me....I did get a little hot under the no pun after we all settled in....everything when wonderful!!!!!!....

I just wanted to thank you...for your guidance in that wedding video.....because that wedding service changed my entire life....something really happened to me during that service.....especially when I put that robe and collar on...I felt a HOLINESS come over me and I had no questions what the Lord once again wanted me to do......during that service I learned so many things about myself and others.....when I arrived at my nephews house...there was some guys there...about 10 or 15.....and I didn't think much about it...because I was too busy being nervous...I kept going over my paperwork so many time just to make sure I had everything in order....and then I found out that my nephew was in a GANG and that these men I was too busy ignoring..but still smiling the whole time were MURDERERS and KILLERS.......all tattooed up and packing many guns...BUT...when I started with OPENING PRAYER...and asked......THAT ALL EYES BE CLOSED AND ALL HEADS BE BOWED.......Those murderers and killers that I was afraid of....ACTUALLY DID IT AMY!!!!!!! I really don't know how I kept myself together...ALL I can say is that it was such an Honor and a Privilege to do that service under your guidance!!!!

Thanks so much,


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