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Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Othila Pagan Ceremony

Othila Pagan ceremony for blessing an Infant

Wiccan Baby Naming

In this ceremony the infant is introduced to the lord and lady, and the 4 elements. It is not the intention to bestow a religious path upon the infant, as this will be determined at a later date by the child and their parents.

The altar and cauldron are decorated with flowers and greenery, and gifts for the child are placed on or near the altar. Rose-oil for blessing and light incense are also placed on the altar. Two candles to represent the god and goddess along with a candle for the child are placed on the altar as well.

If the parents wish to give the infant a “hidden” name, this should be decided on before the ceremony, and the child should be introduced as such during the ceremony.

The ritual:

All persons enter sacred space and the circle is cast according to custom. Sangreal prayer is recited.

Invocation follows

Parents and infant are seated in circle facing the altar, and godparents stand beside them.

  objects  on altar are consecrated.

We gather this day, along with our ancestors to introduce this child ____________ to the elemental forces, and ask for the blessing of our god and goddess. We ask that this child may grow in beauty and strength, in joy and wisdom,  there are many paths, and each one finds their own in time, therefore, we do not bind this child _____________ to any one path, rather do we ask the lord and lady, who know all paths, and  to whom all paths do lead, to bless ,protect, and prepare, _____________ through the years of childhood, and to the time when the path of certainty will be chosen without doubt or fear, and with gladness.

Pledge of the godparents;

Do you __________ promise to be a friend   to ___________ throughout their childhood, to aid and guide   as need arises, and in concord with this child’s parents, to watch over  and love ________ as if they were of your blood? Do you so promise?

Godparents promise “ I do Promise.

 Moving around the circle from east to north the infant is introduced as follows:


We introduce ____________ to the element of air, (infant is smudged with incense) may all of your prayers be carried with a gentle breeze, may   you  find answers, and communication in the element of air.

We introduce __________ to the element of fire, ( infant  is anointed with oil) may you find  courage, and fire of spirit. May you always   find  protection with  the element of fire.

We introduce _________ to the element of water, ( infant is anointed with holy water.) may you find harmony, and wisdom in the flowing waters of rivers, lakes and streams. May you always find healing in the element of water.

We introduce _________ to the element of earth,( infant is given a few granules of salt on their lips) may you find strength, stability, and firm foundations in the cool firm earth. May you always be grounded in the element of earth

We introduce ________ to our lord god and lady goddess, may   your  blessings  shine upon this child all of their days, bringing joy to this child’s parents and godparents. We ask that you bestow wisdom, patience, compassion, and firm foundations to these adults that you have  entrusted  in  the  care and upbringing of _________ . let us seal this act of faith and trust.

Consecration of cakes and wine

We thank our lord and lady for their blessings on this child and family today, and we are thankful for our many blessings.

We also thank the elemental kings for their witness to this, our act of worship.

We welcome __________ into this beautiful, most   precious  world, and ask that  the memories of this special day remain with us for many days to come. We close our circle now, and remember that it is truly closed and never broken. our rite is finished, we are thankful,
                                             so mote it be.

Sangreal prayer:

Beloved blood mother of my especial breed,

Welcome me into your willing womb,

Let me learn to live in love, of all that you are,

So that my seeking spirit will serve the sangreal,

                                                                 Blessed be

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