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Saturday, February 26, 2011

Online Ceremonies

Othila Handfasting Ceremony   

Universal Life Church

This ceremony binds the hands of two individuals, for wedded life together. This ceremony can be performed for one year and a day,  at which time, a renewal of vows may be taken, or the couple can remain handfasted as long as they both shall live in love.

Altar and cauldron are decorated with flowers as the couple choose. Rose-oil, salt, and incense are placed on the altar  along with A white silk cord . The rings are also placed on the altar.

Friends and family can be seated just outside of the circle, where they can witness the act. Bridal party, including matron of honor, best man and parents, will be lined up inside of the circle. The broom for jumping is used to close the circle after the circle is cast.

Circle is cast and sangrial prayer is recited.

 Who comes to be joined together in the presence of the god and goddess? What is thou name o man?

Groom: my name is _________

Who comes to be joined together in the presence of the god and goddess? What is thou name o woman?

Bride: my name is _________

Who offers her hand to be joined to this man?

Father of the bride: “ I do, with no regrets”

__________ and __________ we greet you with joy.

Having made clear thy intentions to be joined together, as husband and wife, a joining not to be undertaken lightly, do you both swear today before these witnesses, that this is indeed thy intent and you  do make this commitment without reservation, and of thine own free will?

Couple: “ we do”

In the face of this woman, may you see the face of our gentle   mother  goddess. May you find love and warmth, and rest and peace. May you have balance and harmony through the ebb and flows of the tides of life. May you find the   source of healing,  and soothing waters when storms lay ahead.

In the face of this man, may you see the face of our great father   god,  may you find strength and protection, stability and endurance. May you   be provided for , with warmth and shelter when cold winds blow. May his   spirit give you courage, and desire.

Anointing of foreheads with rose-oil; with this oil your love is sealed, may the fragrance of flowers remind you always of the bloom of your love.

Taking bride’s right hand, the white cord is wrapped around her wrist, and tied with a single knot.
Repeat after me;

By seed and stem, flower and root, by life and love, in the name of the goddess, I, _________ take thee, _______

To my hand, my heart, and my spirit.  to love and respect, from this day forward, as long as we live in love together.

Taking grooms   left hand and tieing the other end of the cord to his left hand with a single knot,
Repeat after me;

By seed and stem, flower and root, by life and love, in the name of the god, I _______ take thee ,______

To my hand, my heart, and my spirit, to love and cherish, from this day forward, as long as we live in love together.

At this time the rings are blessed, place them in the dish of salt, to cleanse, and sprinkle a few drops of holy water to seal, these rings are a symbol of eternity and everlasting love and commitment. Wear them as a public display of your unending love and affection.

Groom; with this ring, I  wed  thee.

Bride;  with this ring, I wed thee.

Consecration of cakes and wine

As the lord and lady, have witnessed this act, so also has the sun, and moon and stars. The elemental guardians, and our friends and family have born witness   to this steadfast love, we are all blessed with this joy today, and close our circle, to begin the feast and merriment with this newest wedded couple. I now pronounce you husband and wife, let us welcome Mr. and Mrs. ________. 
                                                                                                         blessed be

At this time, the broom is at the  opening of the circle.  the couple  jumps  across the threshold as one. Their white cord is removed, and feasting begins.

Another option is for friends and family to form two lines and with their own brooms, sweep in front of themselves,  as the happy couple runs through the line to start the feast.

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