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Monday, May 2, 2011

Universal Life Church

By Rev. Dragonbear
Walking a Pagan Path in a Christian World

As I follow my journey through the world and look around, I often question myself as to the  meaning of being a Pagan Minister walking in a Christian World. My answer is that there is really no difference. I believe in a single Divine being that made all of the Universe. I just chose to hear the wisdom of that One not through Jesus Christ but, instead through a Lord and a Lady.

So why the need for so much hate on both sides of the fence? When any at all? I believe that we as people spend so much time trying to persuade others that there way to the divine is the only way that I believe that we forget that the focus is suppose to be on the divine. We are all spiritual people and as long as we are doing harm to none we should be open and accepting of all religions.

Like many Christian Ministers my duties are the same. I perform the rites of marriage, of birth, of death, and even perform sermons (rituals in paganism) for the holy days. So besides the words and the gestures what is different between my faith and another's? Nothing! Absolutely nothing! And I try everyday to remember this fact when my religious choices are being challenged and even insulted and I pray often to my Lord and Lady that I can find the strength to stand before the wash of hate of those who do not understand.

Most of all at the end of the night as I stand within my circle and send forth my prayers I ask for one thing. A peace between all worlds religions and an understanding that the Divine is far more infinite then we as humans can ever hope to understand.


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