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This is a collection of wedding stories from Universal Life Church ministers who have performed them. Hopefully, you'll find some things to make you laugh and some tips to help you in your own wedding business.

Monday, January 24, 2011

Universal Life Church

By Bernard A. Jones
The Anointing Of Increase
Universal Life Church

Psalms 35:27- declares, let the Lord be magnified, which has pleasure in the prosperity of His people. Deuteronomy 8:18- declares that it is God that gives us power to get wealth that He may establish His covenant which He swear to our fathers. Ephesians 5:17- admonishes us to be not unwise, but wise understanding what the will of the Lord is. Jesus reveals unto us the will of God as He declared in John 10:10- I am come that you may have life, and that you may have it more abundantly. The Apostle Paul affirms the fact that it is the will of God that the saints prosper by telling Timothy to trust in the living God who gives us richly all things to enjoy {1Timothy 6:17}. Matthew 6:10 tells us that the will of God is the same for heaven as it is for the earth and we know for a fact that there is no poverty in heaven so that tells me that it is not the will of God that there be poverty on the earth and especially in the lives of His children. Matthew 7:11 informs me that If man knows how the give good gifts to his children, how much more shall our heavenly Father gives good things to them that ask Him. Some misinformed saints thinks that God is trying to correct or chastise them through withholding things from them, but the word of God tells us in 2 Timothy 3:16 that God corrects us through His word, not through poverty. The word of God tells us in Romans 8:37 that we are more than conquerors through Christ that loves us and we can trust the word of God because according to Psalms 137:2 God has magnified His word above His name. So let us take hold of Romans 12:2 and renew our minds according to the will of God concerning our prosperity. Let us cast down imaginations, and every high thing that exalts itself against the knowledge of God, {2 Cor.10:5} who gives us richly all things to enjoy{1 Timothy 6:17}. God, that spared not His own Son, but delivered Him up for us all, how shall He not, alone with Christ, freely gives all things?{Romans8:32} God has given us the Son that is most precious too Him, so shall He also give us the miracle and the basic needs of this earthly journey, trust Him.

Bernard A. Jones

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